Establishing data descriptive science and its cross-disciplinary applications
Grant-in-Aid for Transformative Research Areas (A), 2022-2026


The modern world is inundated with data. However, as seen in the black box problem in AI technology, it cannot be said that the true value contained in such data is being fully utilized. In order to make effective use of such big data, it is significant to describe the essential structure of the data in an appropriate mathematical language, and to use that descriptive language in the process of giving meaning and of understanding mechanisms behind the phenomena. In this research area, we will solve this problem by developing descriptors (mathematical languages that express the essential structure of data) that focus on the “shape” and “move” of data, using state-of-the-art mathematical and data science methods. To this end, our research area is organized as a trinity of mathematics, data science, and application to create a new fusion area, “data descriptive science”.

Yasuaki Hiraoka

Kyoto University
Director of Center for Advanced Study
Deputy Director of ASHBi
Head Investigator of Data Descriptive Science

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